Christine Hore from St Stephen in Brannel BC in Cornwall received the prestigious Bowls England Certificate of Merit at the County Luncheon held on Monday 3rd October.

Bowls England award the Certificate of Merit annually to individuals that have provided outstanding service to the sport of outdoor bowls at club and county level in England.

Having been bowling for over 30 years, Christine has served a wide variety of roles for both Club and County.  Christine was awarded Club Life Membership in October 2010.

Notably she played a key role in assisting her club receive Club Mark status in 2011 and in 2014 she was instrumental in raising over £100,000 to extend and upgrade the clubhouse. November 2008 saw the formation of Bowls Cornwall, Christine was an active member on the Unification Working Group and has been a member of the County Executive Committee since its inception.  In 2009 Christine became County President and is currently a County Selector.

Since 2011 she has been County Administrator, dedicating countless hours of her time.

Following her award, Christine said: “I was totally surprised when Bowls England President Michael Jennings presented me with the Bowls England Certificate of Merit – it was so unexpected.

“I am honoured that Bowls England has given me this award for the work I have done for my Club and my County.

“I am extremely proud of my Club and my County and thank all involved in my nomination and to Bowls England for the award.”