Mixed Results

Bowls Cornwall Mixed v St. Austell (Mixed) at St. Austell Bowling Club on Thursday 20th April 2023.
N May, C Smith, F Turner, P Bourne 17 v P Heayns 38
A Maunder, A Perry, P Prynne, S Coad 27 v B Colston 10
H Pollard, T Hammerton, J Prime, M Jennings 13 v P Stokes 25
R Priestley, J Prynne, M McCarthy, L Bray 28 v K Taylor 15
M Smith, R Biddick, J Hosking, M Tout 33 v P Humm 13
A Addis, E Murrish, R Rowe, J Maunder 15 v P Talling 25

Bowls Cornwall 133 v St. Austell 126
Bowls Cornwall won by 7 shots

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