Mixed Results

Bowls Cornwall (Mixed) v Probus (50th Anniversary) at Probus on Sunday 5th June 2016

S Major, D Rowe, Mariota McPherson, T Reid 23 – 8 E Busby
J Keers, C Hore, M Richards, S Coad 13 – 29 T White
R Tresidder, T Evans, B Rowe, Mike McPherson 26 -19 J Barnes
D May, C Garthwaite, J Harding, C Ellery 18 – 21

Bowls Cornwall 80 – 77 Probus
Bowls Cornwall 3 shots

Bowls Cornwall v City & County of Bristol at Falmouth on Monday 23rd May 2016

Mariota McPherson, D Cook, J Dollery, M Richards 25 v K Tyack 14
N Major, B Crowle, I Perry, J Rees 18 v K Smith 11
P McMullen, H Coult, D Hay, S Coad 23 v D Overton 9
J Chatterton, C Hore, Mike McPherson, P Prynne 34 v D Robertson 13
G Irons, J Dunstone, T Reid, M Tout 15 v D Thorne 19

Bowls Cornwall 115 – City and County of Bristol 66
Bowls Cornwall won by 49 shots

Bowls Cornwall v Falmouth at Falmouth on Thursday 28th April 2016

M Chapman, P Pryne, N May, M Tout 14 v L Amos 17
J Moyse, I Perry, J Prime, D Parr 22 v D Richards 13
F Croft, T Collins, Mariota McPherson, J Dollery 12 v J Darling 16
R Priestley, S Parker, T Reid, G Thomas 32 v R Rowe 9
A Addis, E Ward, M Richards, E. Bray 14 v C Pereir 19
K Williams, C. Hore, Mike McPherson, R Clegg 12 v P Dunstone 28

Bowls Cornwall 106 – Falmouth 102
Bowls Cornwall won by 4 shots


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