Johns Trophy/ Walker Cup

Johns Squad Team v Bowls Cornwall Men at St. Stephen Bowling Club on Friday 10th May 2019

K. Sturtridge, M. Smith, L. Martin, M. Moore 20 v K. Williams 13
J. Dunstone, S. Collings, J. Noble,  R. Clegg13 v B. James 24
L. Williams, S. Beckett, J. Hosking, N. Gilbert 8 v I. Ball 19
S. Arthur, L.Read, F. Phillips, S. Coad 10 v P. Gilbert 21
V. Battersby, S. Roach, F. Walther, J. Prime 8 v N. Laity 24
H. Pollard, M. Johnson, N. Ellis, J. Maunder 11 v P. King 22

Bowls Cornwall Johns Team 70 v Bowls Cornwall Men 123
Bowls Cornwall Johns Team lost by 53 shots

Johns Trophy Squad for 2019

The following have been selected for the Johns Trophy squad for 2019 and will be attending a Johns Squad day to be held on Sunday 28th April 2019 at St. Austell Bowling Club:

S. Arthur, Porthleven; V. Battersby, St. Austell; S. Beckett, St. Ives;
R. Clegg, St. Ives; S. Coad, St. Austell;  S. Collings, Chacewater; J Dunstone, Falmouth; N. Ellis, Helston; N. Gilbert, Kensey Vale; A. Heyden, Helston; J. Horrell, Kensey Vale; J. Hosking, Chacewater;  G. Instance, Chacewater; M. Johnson, Probus; J. Lean, Lostwithiel; L. Martin, Redruth; J. Maunder,  Newquay Trenance;  M. Moore, St. Austell;  J. Noble, Camborne; S. Parker, Stratton; C. Pellow, Penryn; A. Perry, Porthleven; F. Phillips, Helston; H. Pollard, Imerys; J. Prime, Chacewater; L. Read, St. Austell; S. Roach, Porthleven; M. Smith, Chacewater; K. Sturtridge, St. Austell;  F. Walther, Mylor Bridge; L. Williams, Helston; C. Woodley, Camborne.

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