Middleton Cup/Balcomb Trophy 2019

Middleton Cup  v Worcestershire at Wellington on Saturday 1st  June 2019
J. Sanders, D. Parr, N. Laity, C. Binny
L. Thomas, A. Williams, A. Brooks, B. Cotton
J. Drew, N. Trewin, S. Martin, P. Gilbert
K. Taylor, K. Williams, A Broad. I Drew
M. Sturtridge, 
D. Mudge, M. Tippett, T. Phillips
N. Coad, P. Sturtridge, I. Ball, M. Read
Reserves: P. Downs, G. Perkins, S. Pollard,  P. Stokes.
Balcomb Trophy v Worcestershire at Winscombe on Sunday 26th May 2019
J. Drew, D. Parr, N. Laity & C. Binny
N. Coad, D. Mudge, M. Read & T. Phillips
Reserves: A Brooks

Middleton Cup Trial 2019

The following players have been invited to the Middleton Cup Trial matches at St. Austell Bowls Club on Sunday 5th May 2019:

Ian Ball, Stenalees;  Aron Braund, Stratton; Andrew Broad, St. Stephen; Adam Brooks, Carnon; Steven Carr, Chacewater; Norman Coad, Stenalees; Ben Cotton, Stenalees;  Alex Crichton, Kensey Vale; Ian Drew, St. Austell; Jonathan Drew, St. Austell; Peter Gilbert, Kensey Vale;  Steve Jones, Stratton; Nigel Laity, Chacewater; Stuart Martin, Saltash; Glynn Mitchell, Chacewater; Darren Mudge, Carnon; David Parr, Chacewater; Geoff Perkins, Stratton; Tim Phillips, Carnon; Simon Pollard, Carnon;  Mark Read, Stenalees; Jordan Sanders, Chacewater;  Paul Stokes, St. Austell; Mark Sturtridge, Stenalees; Paul Sturtridge, Stenalees;  Keith Taylor, St. Austell; Lewis Thomas, Stenalees; Mike Tippett. Chacewater; Nick Trewin, Kensey Vale; Mark Wherry, Stenalees; Alasdair Williams, Porthleven; Kevin Williams, Porthleven.


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