Middleton Cup/Balcomb Trophy 2022

Middleton Cup v Somerset on Saturday 18th June 2022 at Culm Vale Bowling Club
G. Frost, M. Kelly, S. Martin, I. Ball
R. Teague, A. Brooks, M. Tippett, C. Binny
D, Studden, L. Thomas, C. Selby, B. Cotton
K. Taylor, K. Williams, A. Broad, I. Drew
J. Drew, D. Mudge, A. Williams, T Phillips
M. Sturtridge, A. Laity, N. Stephens, M. Read

Reserves: S. Pollard, J. Sanders, K. Sargent, G. Tinker, J. Wombwell   

Middleton Cup Squad v Ladies Johns Team on Wednesday 18th May 2022 at St. Austell Bowling Club
K. Taylor, K. Williams, J. Wombwell, A. Broad
D. Studden, L. Thomas, C. Selby, B. Cotton
H. Tinker, D. Mudge, A. Williams, T. Kellow
P. Thomas, D. Sturtridge, K. Sargent, S. Pollard
M. Sturtridge, G. Tinker, A. Laity, N. Stephens
J. Sanders, A. Rickard, N. Coad, A. Fuller

Middleton Cup Trial Days Sunday 1st and 8th May 2022
at St. Austell Bowling Club
I. Ball, C. Binny, A. Braund, A. Broad, A. Brooks, S. Carr,
N. Coad, B. Cotton, I. Drew, J. Drew, R. Drew T. Evans,
G. Frost, A. Fuller, P. Gilbert, F. Hawkey, T. Kellow, M. Kelly,
A. Laity, N. Laity, S. Martin, D. Mudge, D. Parr, G. Perkins,
T. Phillips, S. Pollard, M. Read. A. Rickard, J. Sanders,
K. Sargent, C. Selby, A. Seth, N. Stephens, P. Stokes,
D. Sturtridge, M. Sturtridge, D. Studden, K. Taylor, R. Teague,
L. Thomas, P. Thomas, G. Tinker, H. Tinker, M. Tippett,
N. Trewin, A. Williams, F. Williams, K. Williams, J. Wombell.

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