Under 25’s

Junior Tol Pedn – Group 1 & 4 v Group 2 &3 at St. Stephen BC on Wednesday 24th July 2019 

Groups 1 & 4

J. Sawyer, P. Gaskell, K. Ferris, A.Williams
O. Glover, N. Carter, L. Shepherd, S. Carr
R. Hawkey, C. Rosewarne, J. Mankee, F. Hawkey
B. Rosewarne, P. White, M. Glover, J. Sanders

Groups 2 & 3

H. Tinker, E. Pugh, G. Tinker, M. Moore
J. Bickle, R. Allen, K. Cotton, M. Wherry
K. Sturtridge, A. Helleur, R.  Drew, A Rickard
K. Sargent, L. Read, D. Sturtridge, B.Watkins

White Rose Teams playing in the Regional Play-Offs on Sunday  16th June 2019 at West  Backwell

Cornwall Golds v Devon Eagles/Somerset Sabres
K. Sargent, D. Sturtridge, A. Rickard, S. Carr

Reserve:  G. Tinker

Cornwall Blacks v Wiltshire Warriors
J. Sanders, F. Hawkey, M. Wherry, A. Williams

Reserves:   H. Tinker

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