Club Histories

FOUNDED: 1931  |  AFFILIATED: 1961
The early records of the club were lost when the Secretary died and his wife who did not understand their importance, disposed of them. In the late 1930’s or early 40’s the club was renamed the ICI Bowling Club and this name remained until the factory closed in 1961. In 1962 the Tuckingmill Sports complex was given to the District Council for use by the local residents, and the club as it is known today was formed. At this time the club badge was designed by Miss Rule. The four quarters are the Scottish Thistle, Carn Brea Castle, Six rinks with a lightning flash and the letters BSBC with a safety fuse. The motto in Cornish translates to “for the love of the game”. In 1974 the use of the top pavilion was lost and it was decided to erect a Bowling pavilion alongside the green. Soon after a toilet block was built and a changing hut purchased. In 1978 the Ladies with the help and support of the men organised the inaugural Ladies Tournament. This was a success and continues to be so. In 1947 J.G. Young, manager of Climax and M.G. Bickford Smith, manager of ICI presented the Inter factory Cup named the Young Cup which is now played for each year between Bickford Smith Club and the Holmans Club.

FOUNDED: 1922  |  AFFILIATED: 1923
The first meeting of the Bodmin Bowling Club was in the Bodmin Guildhall when 38 professional and business people pledged from £3 to £5 to form a bowls club.  The green was opened on its present site by the Rev T.B. Baron Collins on the 21st June 1922.  The club affiliated to the CCBA in 1923.  Ald. Browning Lyne, founder and editor of the Cornish Guardian, was the inspiration and was President for the first 29 years. The first pavilion was built in 1924 at the cost of £58.  The club ticked over during World War 2 but one returning soldier who joined in 1946 soon had a giant impact on events.  Charles Dean gradually improved the club and then, with a great act of faith, begged and borrowed the money for a new pavilion in 1971 and a four rink indoor green in 1972 at a cost of £36.500.  This put the club on a firm footing and we are still reaping the benefit today. The club has enjoyed many successes over the years and now has its own website at and Email address

FOUNDED: 1923  |   AFFILIATED: 1929
Bude Haven Recreation Ground laid a bowling green late in1923.  When bowling started is not clear but it seems that the bowlers organised themselves playing as Bude Social Bowling Club.  On 3rd December 1930 a public meeting was called and Bude Bowling Club was formed.  In 1931 the subscription was half a crown (now 25p).  In the first season the Club won the Croydon Marks Cup and were Divisional Champions in the Nicholl Cup Competition. The green has always been maintained by Bude Haven Recreation Ground. Torrential rain and high tides have caused a number of floods both on the green and in the Club house.  The floods in 1950 and more recently in1992 caused most damage. The Men’s and Ladies clubs amalgamated in 2003 to form one club. The club has provided two County Presidents: S W Johns in 1957 and H Rees in 1981. The only years that the club has been able to boast of a County Champion of Champions were 2002 and 2003 when Steve Jones achieved this feat.

FOUNDED: 1948  |  AFFILIATED: 1952
Callington’s “Sports Centre” comprising Bowling Club, Tennis Court & Putting Green opened in May 1948. In 1952, bowlers from many Clubs saw the Green opened by Isaac Foot.  By the end of the 80’s the hard tennis court had become a Car Park and the Putting Green had evolved via a grass tennis court, then market garden to an overspill Car Park. Between 1989 & early 1991 a large part of the clubhouse was rebuilt, electricity & gas central heating were installed.  During this time Callington Short Mat Club was formed.  In 1992-3 the rest of the original Clubhouse & kitchen were rebuilt.  In 1994/5 the redundant Telephone Exchange was purchased, from which a workshop, and by 1996 the current Changing Rooms, were made enabling upgrade of the original toilet areas.  During 2005/6 the grassed banks of the green were replaced by paving, all hedges by fencing, the overspill Car Park covered by tarmac, and lighting was installed around the green.  Wheelchair access was established from the Car Park to the Clubhouse and on to the green via an automatic ramp. On completion of this Disabled Access Project, Prince Charles opened the green in June 2006 and bowled a few woods.  CBC has always been an amalgamated Club.

FOUNDED: 1921  |   AFFILIATED: 1922
The club was formed in 1921 on the site in Tregenna Lane provided by the C V Thomas family. The first bowls were bowled in the 1921-22 season with the Ladies section being formed in 1960. The freehold of the club was acquired from members’ subscription in 1953 with the purchase consideration being immediately handed back to the club by the Thomas family.  In 1984 a new pavilion, Clubhouse and toilet facilities were erected from club funds and a Sports Council loan.  Members of the club have given significant service to both the Western Division and County. At County level W.E. White served as County Chairman in 1935 and the club provided four County Presidents W.H.Coulls (1946), George Powell (1985), Reg Treneer (1992) and Jack Hancock (2008). Rex Bray served as County Treasurer for 17 years (1985-2002) and Brian Dunn as Assistant and then County Secretary (2004-2008). Mrs E Heath was president of the CCWBA.  The club has been the winner of the Western Division League One on 12 of the past 25 years but had never won the Nicholl Cup until 2011 which coincided with the club’s 90th anniversary. Space does not allow the listing of those many members who have won County and Middleton Cup honours.

FOUNDED: 1984  |  AFFILIATED: 1988
The Club was formed in May 1984, after several previous attempts, by a group of local people. Mr Peter Richards generously offered a plot of land at “Jetwells” with a 99 year lease at an annual rent of £1.  Planning permission for the green was obtained in October 1985.  Work commenced on construction of the Green in April 1986.  After levelling of the site and excavation of drain trenches the remainder of the work was carried out by voluntary labour. Due to the considerable amount of work and time for the grass to grow to provide a usable playing surface, it was not until 21st May 1988 that the green finally opened.  In 1990 planning started for a clubhouse and in 1991 construction work commenced.  Apart from the erection of a timber frame structure and roof tiling, all other work was carried out by Club members.  From 1996 until 2003 the Club was used as the County Ground. In 1994 a Short Mat section was formed.  As there was already a Camelford Short Mat Club a new name was require and Lanteglos Short Mat Club was chosen.

FOUNDED: 1928  |  AFFILIATED: 1952
The full history of the Club is contained in a booklet researched by Cecil Howell. The club was originally formed in 1928. A green was established in a field by the bowlers. In 1933 Frederick Sladdin, one of the group, purchased the field. In 1970 the club obtained a 28 year lease on the land at a rent of £12 per annum. In 1984 the club purchased the land from the current owner for £1250. On 2nd September 1949 a meeting was held to revive the club, during that month further meetings resulted in a Committee, an agreed rental of £6 per annum for the land and an annual subscription of £2. At the AGM in 1950 it was noted that the club now owned the clubhouse, bought for £65 raised by loans of £5 from the members. It was resolved to extend the green to 4 rinks members being asked to make loans of £2 to finance this work. Play for 1951 had to be on the Smithy lawn. In 1951 the club affiliated to the CCBA. In 1970 a sixth rink was added. During the winter of 1970/71 work started on a concrete block building. In 1978 the club celebrated its 50th Anniversary and entertained the EBA for their 75th Anniversary. In recent years the club has had success in many competitions at District, County and National levels.

FOUNDED: 1925  |  AFFILIATED: 1984
The club was formed at the Chacewater Recreation Ground in 1925 by a small number of male founder members. The ladies were allowed to join a few years later but were not affiliated until 1984. The original green had three rinks and in the mid 1970’s a fourth rink was added.  The old green can still be seen today, but with the addition of the children’s play equipment, making it very difficult to deliver woods from one end to another. In 1990 the club moved to the old playing field & tennis courts.  It developed a new 6 rink green, which enabled the club to play in all directions.  In addition to the new green a new clubhouse was built that incorporated a large kitchen to allow for catering and a new bar area. These improved facilities allowed the club to increase the number of league teams to four mens teams and three ladies teams. The club has had one County President, Denzil Oates in 2004. On the green the club has built up to form a total membership number of around 100 in the mens, ladies and junior sections.

FOUNDED: 1949  |  AFFILIATED: 1950
In 1939 Mrs Alice Hext of Trebah bequeathed to Constantine Village land for recreational purposes.   The Parish Council were appointed managers and until 1946 the present bowling green was in fact a tennis court. In 1946 a group sought and were given permission to convert the disused tennis court, and after an enormous amount of work, done largely by just three people, the green was completed and Constantine Bowling Club was opened in 1949.  A club house followed in 1952, for which there was very little financial help.  The minute books for this period are on loan to Constantine Heritage Centre.  Improvements to the club have continued over the years and its buildings now comprise kitchen and clubroom, ladies’ and men’s changing rooms and toilets, juniors’ room and equipment store. The bowling club works closely with Helston & District U3A, arranging taster sessions and running carpet bowls.  The older children from Constantine Primary School are invited to the club on a weekly basis throughout the summer, and just occasionally this leads to a new member!

FOUNDED: 1914  |  AFFILIATED: 1919
The club took over the ground in 1914 which was owned by the Tennis Club to make the Launceston Bowling & Tennis Club. It was suggested a yearly subscription of 7/6d but later it felt that was too expensive and reduced it to 5/- a year, there were 60 members who joined but it hoped to double membership by the end of the season. The club needed £20 for the purchase of a new pavilion money which they did not have. The only feasible way of raising the money appeared to be by obtaining 20 guarantors for £1 each 16 men came forward and have taken shares the other £4 will come out of club funds. The Club was declared open the first week in May 1914 formally opened by the Town Mayor Mr E Hicks, the first game played Mr Mules & Mr W Philp were the skips with the score being 29 shots to 25 The green could accommodate 40 bowlers playing at the same time, We have been honoured in the past by having Mrs Daniel and Mr Fitze being Ladies & Men’s County Presidents. The club is still going strong today with 48 playing members and looking forward to 2014 when we will celebrate its centenary

FOUNDED: 1908  |  AFFILIATED: 1912
The first meeting of the club took place on 20th March 1908 at Falmouth Town Hall followed by the first General Meeting on 22nd April. Gyllyngdune Gardens was the site of the first green followed by a five year lease on the recreation ground in October 1908. The new green was officially opened on May 7th 1909. Various improvements over the years led to the purchase of the freehold on January 15th 1934. Over the years the pavilion has seen many improvements finishing with the function room in 1985. The first reference to Ladies in the club was made in 1910. Ladies requested admission to membership of the club in 1933 but this was denied. A ladies section was formed in 1948 at the request of the CCWBA.  At last in 1997 a special meeting voted by a majority of 92% to admit Ladies as full members. Various attempts at plans for an indoor green failed, the last in 1989. In 1997 an application for a National Lottery grant for an artificial green was made and in 2000 a grant was secured and the green laid. This has proved to be a great asset with outdoor winter leagues, the Men on Sunday Morning and the Ladies on Tuesday mornings.

FOUNDED: 1926  |  AFFILIATED: 1928
The Club was founded in 1926.  Over the past 20 years we have made numerous improvements and the club has developed from a small hut to the present pavilion with good facilities.  We have a small social bar. Our Club could not function without the invaluable contribution of some of our members. Our members work extremely hard on the green, bringing it up to County standard.  They maintain the hedges keeping them well trimmed and the banks of the green cut. The lady members help plant the flowers in the pots.  The combination of all their work makes Fowey Bowling Club the attractive and pleasurable place both for local people and the touring teams we entertain from all over the country. New members are always welcome. If interested please contact Mr Roy Stephens on 01726 813331.

FOUNDED: 1980  |  AFFILIATED: 1981
Goonbarrow was started in 1980 on 3 rinks. Another 3 rinks were added by 1984. The men, who worked for ECLP (now known as IMERYS) at Goonbarrow Refinery Clay Works, were given an old railway track to build a social club.  After a few years they decided to lay a bowling green and play bowls.  This took a lot of hard work that was carried out by the men themselves, under the leadership of Ron Wood and Ron Moore.  Later the club house was enlarged to accommodate changing rooms, toilets and a bar and was opened in 1986.  From then on the Club enjoyed bowls and participated in League games and Friendlies.

FOUNDED: 1910 
In 1603 the Rector of Creed constructed a single rink at the “The Glebe” rectory, presumably for his friends enjoyment.  The earliest mention of a match, of St Austell playing at Creed rectory in 1910, is in the CCBA 1962 Golden Jubilee Handbook.  In 1921 a second club with two rinks was formed at Quarry Parc. This continued until 1927 when in order to join the CCBA Bowling League three rinks were necessary .  A meeting was held on 25th April 1927 resulting in a three rink green at the Recreation Ground. The club employed three men under the guidance of Mr Pascoe a County advisor and loaned a horse & cart from local farmer Mr James. Special grass seed was purchased at two & three pence per pound and a three rink green was constructed and in 1928 the Club were affiliated to the County. In 1960 a prefab from Plymouth was purchased by the members for £160. In 1973 a fourth rink was added by the members costing £750.  With the aid if a grant from the Foundation for Sport and Art a new pavilion was built in 1997 and the green enlarged to six rinks. Water and electricity was installed. One of the old gas lights was retained as a reminder of past times. There are Men’s and Ladies sections and Short Mat bowls are enjoyed in winter months.

FOUNDED: 2000  |  AFFILIATED: 2006
At the end of the year 2000 season the private green in Hayle called West Cornwall was closed and a small group of six people, Ray Fisher, Len Phillips, John Wallis, Kath Jewell, Basil Mitchell and Tony Richards, commenced the task of getting a new bowling green. Raising the money via grants etc, the building of a new artificial green commenced in the summer of 2006.  Using a portacabin as a clubhouse the first year of league bowling started in 2007.  Having built the green and some facilities in 2006 the committee commenced the task of raising the money for a better clubhouse to include short mat bowling.  Agreements were signed in 2008, built and opened in January 2009.  A gradual build-up of bowling strength with a large number of new bowlers gets the club to move into it’s fifth summer season with five men and four ladies leagues.  The green being artificial the club also hold bowling sessions during the winter period and have three teams using the clubhouse from October to the end of March.

FOUNDED: 1968  |  AFFILIATED: 1968
Heavy Transport was the division of English China Clay which transported china clay by road.  The bowls green was constructed by employees under the guidance of Len Matthews, the Managing Director, who was a keen bowler. He also was a major benefactor in the early years.  Len was the County President in 1984. The green and clubhouse was opened on 27th April 1968 and the club affiliated at the same time. Membership was restricted to men but in November 1980 the Ladies Section was formed and a year later affiliated.  For many years the club has hosted the Lyndhurst Trophy. The club has a membership of 65 Ladies and gentlemen.  There is a full programme of league bowling for both men and ladies. There are an extensive number of friendly fixtures against teams in Devon and Cornwall.  Also there are many club competitions for both sexes with the finals in September.

FOUNDED: 1760  |  AFFILIATED: 1912
Although there is evidence that there was a bowling green on the present site as early as 1734 the Helston B.C. was formed in 1760. Membership was for the ‘select’ as evidenced by a fine for bowling out of turn of 1/-, equal to about £60 nowadays. In 1890, Bob Fitzsimmons, the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion occasionally played on the green. In 1906 the first match against another club, St Austell, was played. In 1912 representatives from the club together with those from Truro, Falmouth and Penzance formed the CCBA. One of the most significant developments in recent years was the formation of a Ladies Section in 1964. The section started very modestly with four young ladies, Mrs A Pascoe, Mrs M  Brokenshire, Mrs B Collins and Mrs G Thomas. This proved to be the nucleus of probably the most successful Ladies Bowls Section in the County for many years. Between 1968 and 1984 they won every County Competition as well as National titles. Mrs Thomas and Mrs Pascoe played regularly for the National team. In 1981 Mrs Thomas was a member of the Gold Medal winning Four in the World Championships.

FOUNDED: 1949  |  AFFILIATED: 1950
On 2nd May 1949 a handful of men from Holman Bros Ltd Sports Club felt they would like to form a Bowling Section and a committee was duly elected.  The first Chairman was Len Prideaux and Frank Hayman the Secretary. The club affiliated to the County in 1950.  They relied on the generosity of the ICI works who allowed them to use their green.  With the formation of the Mining Division League in 1951, the need for a green of their own was considered as a matter of urgency.  Through the kindness of the directors of Holman Bros Ltd, and considerable voluntary labour, this was finally achieved in 1953 when a new green was officially opened on a site within the works at Dolcoath Avenue. The building of a new works administration office block in 1964 saw the loss of the bowling green.  The Sports Club Committee, with the help of the Company purchased the Blaythorne site and included the construction of the present green with the other sports facilities.  The Club were indebted to the Camborne Club who allowed Holmans to use their facilities for all league matches in 1994/96 when the current green was officially opened. A new pavilion was opened in 1996 and in that year a ladies section was formed.

FOUNDED:  2004  |  AFFILIATED: 2004
Imerys BC was formed on 16th July 2004 when ECC Bowling Club (formerly ECLP Bowling Club founded in 1962) was given notice to vacate their green at John Keay House in St Austell by the County Education Authority after they had purchased the property from Imerys (formerly E.C.C).  The E.C.C Bowling Club were offered help to find a new venue by Imerys and after several ideas had been looked at, the club discovered that the Bugle Bowling Club (founded 1946) were struggling with their green and with membership and, as their green and club was leased from Imerys, it was decided to amalgamated the two clubs and Imerys built a brand new green on the site of the old Bugle green and a new club was formed called the Imerys Bowling Club.

FOUNDED: 1927  |  AFFILIATED: 1934
Kensey Vale Bowling and Tennis Club was established in 1927 consisting of a three rink bowling green and two tennis courts, at a cost of less than £200 including Lydford turf.  By 1960 the tennis club ceased and the bowlers took over completely, and in 1971/2 built the six rink green at a cost of £6,000.  Affiliation to the CCBA in 1934 saw the club playing in the Nicholl Cup Competition winning just one of their eight matches during the following season.  It was 1981 before history was made and the Kensey ‘A’ team won the Nicholl Cup and the club went from strength to strength winning many team and individual competitions over the ensuing years.  Two County Presidents have been provided by the club the first being Percy Copp during the 1952/3 season and most recently the first lady single President of Bowls Cornwall in 2011, namely Jean Wilkins.

FOUNDED: 1914  |  AFFILIATED: 1925
The Outdoor Bowling Club started life in 1914 when a green ‘expert’ explained to a group of about 12 interested bowlers how a green  with dimensions of 120 ft by 60 ft could be constructed.  He offered to build such a green, for the sum of £35, in the lower part of the cricket field at Lux Park.  However the cost was considered excessive, the tender price was dropped to £30 and the initial green duly built.  The bowlers playing subscription for the first season was ten shillings and six pence. Ten years later the Club decided a full size green was required. Negotiations took place with Mr Sweet (the owner of a nearby granite works) for rental of land in Varley Lane for £6 per annum, on a long term lease.  The total building cost of the Green and the small wooden pavilion was £412-10d.  It was constructed using direct labour which included some people from the local workhouse.  The annual subscription was then raised to one guinea.  There were then approximately 20 male members.

FOUNDED: 1913  |  AFFILIATED: Between 1913 & 1919
LOOE B.C. was founded in 1913 on West Looe Downs. It started with three rinks and was extended to four by the members who also carried out the majority of the maintenance. The club was affiliated to the CCBA and EBA and played in the Nicholl Cup and Plymouth & District Competitions.  In 1922 ladies were admitted as full members, the ladies of the day had problems with heavy bowling shoes so they played bare footed.  In thanks for allowing the ladies to become full members they agreed to make the tea for home matches, a tradition that remains today although the men have to do the washing up.  In 1937 the Club moved to Hannafore due to the generosity of a Looe resident who leased the site to Looe Urban District Council at a nominal rent provided that a bowling green was constructed by the Council. The club entered into an agreement with the council for the use of the green and the first game was on 1st May 1937. The lease was taken over by Caradon District Council who, in 1994, built a new clubhouse. Recent changes led to the One Cornwall Council, who now hold the lease, with the club renting the facility. Over the years the club have had many National & County representations and County Badges awarded.

FOUNDED: 1926  |  AFFILIATED: 1928
On the 18th January 1926 a group of 51 enthusiasts founded Lostwithiel Bowls Club.  They had rented an old mine slag heap from the Duchy at £5 per annum and by their own efforts turned it into a 4 rink bowling green, charging members 1 guinea a year.  In 1929 the green was enlarged to 6 rinks.  Over Christmas 1990 a falling tree all but demolished the club house and again, mainly by the exceptional efforts of the members, a new club house was finally completed in May 1993.  It was at this time that the club had electricity installed.  Also in 1990 the green was extended to conform to EBA regulations so that it could host County Competitions.  Considering that membership numbers have remained fairly static over the years the club today stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of all the members down the years. The club now boasts one of the best greens in the County.  The club has enjoyed many successes over the years in both Divisional and County Competitions.

FOUNDED: 1924  |  AFFILIATED: 1932
The club was formed by Lord & Lady Rendlesham in 1924 using the lawn at Bosloe House.  In 1927 they donated the current site and a 3 rink green and wooden clubhouse were constructed and opened in 1929. Water was by well and windmill and lighting by paraffin. Electricity was installed in 1949 and mains water in1970. A second 3 rink green was constructed in 1957. The greens had major renovation in 1965. In 1984 the wooden clubhouse was replaced by the current concrete block building. The premises comprise a clubhouse with kitchen, outdoor toilets, 2 small changing rooms and a garage for storage of equipment. Membership stands at 44 bowling members and 13 social members. The club competes in County Leagues, men (Southern Division) and ladies (Central Division). There is also an evening league for working ladies, a Strollers league for learners and those who no longer wish to play at the higher level of bowls. Mixed friendlies are played against clubs from around Cornwall, also the occasional touring side. Club and charity are held in the summer months.  In the winter club members compete in the Falmouth and Camborne Carpet Bowls League drives and play outdoors on the artificial surface at Falmouth.

FOUNDED: 2001  |  AFFILIATED: 2002
In the year 2000 an activities centre was proposed for Mevagissey. Local opinion was in favour of provision of a bowling green and John and Pat Hooper set about raising funds. An application was made for a Lottery grant and a committee set up to organise a bowling club before the activity centre was built. Pat Chase was elected Treasurer and Vernon Coombes Secretary.

FOUNDED: 1964  |  AFFILIATED: 1966
Tony Andrews and Rodney Prout were resting in the Lemon Arms when they decided to satisfy their desire for a bowling club. A public meeting was called and the club was created on 7th July 1964.  William Pike, the club president, offered one of his fields on Passage Hill. The conditions for use of the village playing field were such that Mr Pike’s offer was accepted. A portable building was placed on the site and the ground officially opened on 7th April 1969.  All that was needed was a green.  Interest free loans from members met the cost of £1,937.79 pence for levelling the green.  In 1972 permission was given to remove the turf from the Falmouth Docks green.  About 5,500 turves were moved that day. It became apparent that more turves were required and a desperate phone call obtained permission to remove the Docks tennis court.  By this time the hired haulage lorry was on its way back to Devon.  Another phone call to the police managed to get it to return and complete the job.  The Green was officially opened by Harvey Bell, the CCBA President, on the 27th May 1974.  The club subsequently provided both men and ladies Presidents with the husband and wife team of Doreen and the late Ken Boden.

FOUNDED: 1916  |  AFFILIATED: 1919
On 16th July 1916 Sir Robert Edgcumbe, with 6 male colleagues, agreed to form Newquay B.C.  Play was to be on a site in Trenance Gardens owned by the Council at an annual rent of 10/6d. Within one week a Committee was formed with 33 members and subs of 7/6d. A small pavilion was built.  In 1919 the Club affiliated to the EBA and CCBA and matches were arranged with Helston, Penzance, Falmouth and Truro.  Subs increased to 10/-.  In 1930 an International match was held at the Club when Australia beat Cornwall 120-109. That year Newquay won all County Honours. A similar match was held in 1950.  The present pavilion was built in 1931. Newquays’ first international player was Roy Dingle who represented England from 1948-1954.  Many club members have served as national and county officials.  A Ladies Section was formed in 1949.  The first Newquay Tournament was held in 1955. Newquay Trenance BC was formed in 2002 following unification of the Men’s and Women’s Associations.

FOUNDED: 1935  |  AFFILIATED: 1946
In 1928 at the Newquay Bowling Club (East End) (now Newquay Trenance BC) Councillor A.J. Clemens said that it would be nice to have a bowling green at the West End of Newquay. Eventually the Fore Street green was opened in  June 1935. A match between East End and West End played on the opening day resulted in a win for the West End. In May 1940 the offer of a flag from E.T Luke was accepted. In May 1942 five members attended a Council sub Committee meeting regarding the management of the club. The club affiliated to the EBA and CCBA in 1946. In 1951 the green was re-turfed.  A Ladies Section was formed in 1973 and this section affiliated to the EWBA in 1975. An extension to the pavilion was completed in 1976.  The 50th Anniversary was celebrated in 1985. In 1986 the first Bowls Festival was held, this continues to be a great success. In 1997 a bar was added to the facilities. In 2002 Mrs Edith Boyes was elected as the first lady President of the club.

FOUNDED: 1919  |  AFFILIATED: 1919
The 300th Anniversary of the Penzance Charter, in1914, was marked by setting up the Bolitho Gardens including a three rink bowling green and the club formed in 1919. Penlee was the eighth club to be affiliated. In 1924 the green was enlarged to 39 x 36 yards. In 1925 a new flagpole was erected,  the weather vane a fish made in copper  with P.B.C. on it that is still in use today. In 1927 Penlee suggested that East and West each play a Probables v Possibles match, the County team to be chosen after the West and East winners had played each other.  This was the precursor of the Tol Pedn Shield competition. In 1930 a new pavilion, funded by the members and club funds was built. The Council agreed, but the building was to become the property of the Council, an arrangement that still exists. !931 saw the first member from the Cattran family, an association that still continues. Penlee have supplied many County officials including 3 men and 2 lady Presidents, Doreen Barclay, Joy Lawry, Jim Hitchens, George Richards and Keith Baker. In 1962 the first Mounts Bay tournament was held and still continues. There have been many examples of the fine standard of bowling at Penlee; the most famous is the legendary John Blewett an England International in 1966

FOUNDED: 1911  |  AFFILIATED: 1912
Penzance Bowling Club was formed on April 18th 1911 with many local dignitaries filling the offices. It was affiliated to the EBA in 1912. Membership was very selective and many of those proposed did not get seconded. Sir Clifford Cory presented the first trophy, known as the Club Challenge Bowl. 1932 saw dis-satisfaction among the members and efforts were made to find a new site but the matter was eventually dropped. A Cumberland turf green was laid in 1933. In 1913 Harry Kenyon was first Chairman of the C.B.A. and in 1917 a member was expelled for continued use of bad language. In 1926 a South African touring side played a County team at Penzance. W.H. Sampson was County Singles Champion in 1927 and was first Cornish player at a National Championship. In 1930 S.P. Richards was first International trialist from Cornwall. 1935 saw M.A. Ferris become Cornwall’s first International and he played for England again in 1939,1946,1947,1948,1949 and 1950. In 1945 first EBA triples won by Penzance.

FOUNDED: 1959  |  AFFILIATED: 1959
The Porthleven B.C. was founded in 1959 and a Ladies Section following in 1967. Many improvements of the club facilities has been made over the years. In 1971 a new changing hut was built, 1977 saw a small extension to the pavilion. 1981 a further pavilion extension was opened by the Chairman of Kerrier D.C.  In 1982 the car park was constructed and a club flag was presented in memory of the late Walter Bowden.  In 1991 the retaining wall to the car park was built and flower beds constructed. In 1992 a new Ladies Changing room was erected. In 1980 Mrs Joan Beckerleg was elected President of the CCWBA.  In 1987 Mr Roy Richards (known as the Best in the West)was elected President of the CCBA and continued as the EBA Greens Maintenance Advisor for the County. Later years saw further additions to the amenities with the start of short mat bowling during the winter months.   The most recent of all is the construction of a small bar within the pavilion.

FOUNDED: 1953  |  AFFILIATED: 1957
The Porthmeor BC was formed in 1953.  In 1957 the club became a founder member of the West Cornwall League after affiliation to the CCBA and joining the Western Division. This small club has recorded many Division and County titles, been proud to have players selected for Middleton Cup teams past and present and, on occasions been represented at the former EBA National Championships, originally at Mortlake and in more recent times at Worthing..  For many seasons the clubs “A” team dominated the Division League championships, eight times as winners, the first in 1968 and six times as runners-up.  Through these title successes came two County team titles, enabling the club to join an elite group of three who have brought the Nicholl Cup to the West.  The club is proud to have had serving members on the Western Division Committee including one Life member in David Smith.  The afore-mentioned are the clubs proud achievements of the past, only the commitment of the next generations of bowlers will allow history to repeat itself.

FOUNDED: 1966  |  AFFILIATED: 1971
In August 1966 a meeting was held and a decision made to form a Bowls club.  Work on the green commenced in May 1968.  The club was officially opened on 11th April 1970 with about 28 members. Truro City BC had donated 30 sets of woods. In January 1972 it was decided to build a Club Pavilion at an estimated cost of about £1200. The Building was completed in 1975. In1976 George Simcock reached the final of the County Champion of Champions competition. In 1984 the Ladies reached the quarter finals of the County Fours and Pairs and both George and Dorothy Simcock were awarded County Badges. In 1988 a new toilet block was built and opened. In 1990 new tables and chairs replaced wooden trestle table and forms.  In August 1991 the club celebrated its 25th Anniversary. In September 1992 a disastrous fire destroyed the Clubhouse and its contents. Fortunately the insurance provide a new pavilion, opened in May 1993. In 2003 a new machinery shed was built. In 2010, thanks to a generous donation from a founder member, improvements to the fencing and rink surrounds were made. A mixed membership of about 40 has shown success in both Men’s and Ladies competitions.  In 2006 Ann Greaves served as Ladies SE Division Chair.

FOUNDED: 1934  |  AFFILIATED: 1934
In 1934 the Redruth Council laid out a Cumberland Turf Bowling Green in the Victoria Park, Redruth at the cost of £1,000. The Redruth Bowling Club was formed with Montague Jennings (President) and Archie Stevens (Secretary).  Evidence shows that at this time the membership fee was £1.00. In 1940 the membership fee rose to £1. 2. 6p with the ladies paying 18/-. In 1948 the membership was 48 men and 3 ladies. During the war games and competitions were played with collections made for Red Cross Funds. The Club has played a strong part in the C.C.B.A. Administration, W.J.Tiddy,  W. Trevenna and B. Richards  County Treasurer,  Harvey Bell was County Secretary for 20 years and also a Life Member of the English Bowling Association.  B. Nankivell was Assistant County Secretary from 1992 to 2003 he was also the Southern Division Secretary for several years. Bernard was made a Life Member of the C.C.B.A   In1980 a Ladies section was formed and affiliated to the C.C.W.B.A.  The Club became a unified Club adopting full membership for men and ladies in July 2001 with a Management committee of Men and the Lady Officers.

OUNDED: 1923  |  AFFILIATED: 1924
Devonport BC were the visitors for the Opening Game.  They were met at the railway station and proceeded through the town accompanied by the Town band to the green. The club entered the Plymouth & District League and still play in the league to this day. In 1924 the club affiliated to the CCBA and played in the league. A second club, Essa, was formed in 1927 to play on the Green. In 1930 a ballot was held to appoint three members to select teams. The leagues were suspended when war was declared in 1939 and were resumed in 1946. The first ladies game was played in 1948 with the Plymouth and District ladies. A new pavilion was built by Caradon Council in 1988. Alan Quick became CCBA President in 1994 and then was County Match Secretary for 11 years. One of his greatest memories was when Cornwall won the Middleton Cup for the first time and retained it the following year. Improvements to the Pavilion were made in 1998 and 2006. Maintenance of the green became the responsibility of the club in 2008 and has resulted in year on year improvements. 2011 ended in a sad way with the passing of Alan Quick. There can be few men who have shown a greater commitment to the game of bowls than Alan.

FOUNDED: 1820  |  AFFILIATED: 1920
The first bowling club in St Austell, founded in 1820, called the ‘St Austell Bowling Green Club’ was situated in the town; the original minute book is still held by the club. In 1928 a green was laid in Poltair Park and ‘St Austell (Poltair) Bowling Club’ played there until 1955 when the present name, ‘St Austell Bowling Club’ was introduced. The club has supplied 5 men’s County Presidents; T B Eddy 1952, Percy Gribble 1959 and 1961, Bill Grose 1983, Ivor Jago 2006 and Michael Jennings 2010 and has a long record of County and National competition successes. In 1972 David Cutler, Chris Yelland and Bill Olver won the National Triples and followed it up with a British Isles Title in 1973. David won the National Junior Singles in 1975 and the Senior Singles in 1979. He went on to play 54 games for England and is our club Patron and Life member. Several players have represented Cornwall in the Middleton Cup and in 2007 and 2010 the club won the National Two Fours competition. Following a fire in 2006 the club was rebuilt and several projects to improve the premises have been completed since. The ‘Club mark’ accreditation was awarded to the club in 2011. The membership age range is from 10 to 90 and there is a good social membership supporting the club.

FOUNDED: 1988  |  AFFILIATED: 1992
The Club was founded in 1988 as a self build project and opened on 25th April 1992. The first honour came to the club when the Gents’ team won the Ivor Buddle Cup as winners of the 3rd division of the Central League. In 1997/8 Helen Taylor served as Chair of the Ladies S.E. Division.  In 1998 the ladies evening league team finished top in the S.E. Division. 1999 saw Ivan Smith in the Chair of the Gents Central Division. Also three Ladies, Vi Higgins, Vera Thorpe and Gwen Riley won through to the National Finals in the triples.  In 2001 Connie Ellery and Connie Gittens won the S.E. Division pairs. Connie Ellery then served as Chair of the S.E. Division in 2002/3 and then won the Kernow Cup in 2005. In 2006 Helen Robinson & Sheila Smith won the S.E. Division pairs and the ladies league team were top of S.E. Division. In 2008 the Date Cup team won the S.E, Competition. The following have served as Club presidents, I. Smith, C Brooks, Helen Taylor, B Bray, A Rothero and F Bennett. The following have been long serving officers, Gwen Riley, Jean Pearce, Vera Thorpe and Helen Taylor.

FOUNDED: 1934  |  AFFILIATED: 1935
St Ives Bowling Club was reformed in 1934. A 4-rink green was laid on land leased from the Tennis and Croquet Club. Play was not allowed on Sundays, probably due to the number of Clergy who were members.  This was not changed until 1988. The first pavilion was built for £26-2-6 and a veranda added for £4-10-0.  The Ladies section was small but active, becoming famous for their cream teas.  In 1937 the ground was purchased for the sum of £500.  All the maintenance of the green was carried out by members.  In 1960 it was decided to replace the croquet lawn with two extra rinks enabling bowling in either direction. In 1976 it was decided to hand the green over to the Council since the membership was insufficient to meet the costs of maintaining to the required standard.  Penwith District Council erected a new Pavilion. The club repaired the men’s changing room and a hut was provided for the ladies. In 2002 a new pavilion was added to the existing buildings updating toilet facilities and allowing short mat bowls. The old pavilion was altered to provide changing rooms and a viewing area. Three men and two Ladies have served as President of their Association and Miss Eva Date served as President of the EWBA.

FOUNDED: 1929  |  AFFILIATED:  1932
A Committee was formed to oversee the laying out of a green in 1929 and the official opening took place in May 1931. The club affiliated to the CCBA in 1932. Life members Dennis Hoskin and Peter Hore together with Fernley Julian, Melville Julian and Roger Grose are the longest living male members.  A number of club members have played in the Middleton Cup squad including Melville Julian who played 52 times.  Roger Grose served on the County Executive Committee for many years. In 1943 and 1944 a group of  12/13 year olds were encouraged to play on a Saturday evening for 6d each on an end rink but without instructions.  In 1973 Fernley Julian and Peter Hore won the County Benevolent Pairs and in 1974 Fernley and Roger Grose were the runners –up. In 1983 Melville & Fernley Julian, Roger Grose and Peter Hore reached the last 16 of the National fours at Worthing. The Club League Teams have had many successes.  The ‘A’ team in 1985, 1987 & 1990, the B team in 1977 & 1981 and the C team in 1995.The Captains Shield was won in 1988, 1990 & 2001 and the Top Team runners up in 1995. There have been many individual successes in competitions including Andrew Broad, David Crews, Patrick Lawrence and Mike Heard.

FOUNDED: 1928  |  AFFILIATED: 1939
In 1928 founder members began the task of creating a bowling club in Stenalees, with Jack Read, Alan’s father, taking the lead. Funds from the Expedition forces canteen were employed to create a re creation ground, including the bowling green.  Work commenced in 1930 and was all carried out by voluntary labour.  The Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII, visited the work in May 1933 and spent a considerable time watching and talking to the workers.  The green was officially opened by Sir Edward Nicholl in 1934 and he reportedly said that if Stenalees ever won his League trophy, they could keep it and he would replace it”. Unfortunately we took far too many years to achieve this. The club affiliated in 1939. The first successes were with strong runs in the News Chronicle Rinks Competition in 1948 and 1954.  During the mid 1960’s Jack Read suggested that the “youngsters” should be given a chance in league matches and the rest is history. The most memorable achievements have been the sadly missed, Richard Bray, winning the National Singles in 1988 and again Richard with Ian Powell, Mark Sturtridge and Ian Ball the National Fours in 2003. On both occasions going on to win the British Isles Championship the following year. Richard and now Mark Read have achieved the ultimate of playing for the full England Team. The Middleton Cup successes over the years have involved many of our members and at County level the club has won all the major team and individual trophies.

FOUNDED: 1950  |  AFFILIATED: 1953
Two men who had made their fortune in South Africa granted money to the village for a recreation and sports ground. A body of local men got together to form a bowling club and Stithians B.C. was formed in 1950. With no machinery available a two rink green was created using hand tools.  A few years later they purchased a hut which then became their headquarters. A third rink was added which enabled affiliation to the County and entry to the leagues. Generous donations of money from Ron Stephens and others enabled the building of a clubhouse with a lot of hard work from Ron, Jack Penrose and others. A few years later plans for expansion into the adjoining field went ahead enabling a fourth rink ready for the 2011 season. Ladies were introduced in 1994.  Whist is played on a Tuesday afternoon organised by Ed & Carol Watson and Margaret Stribley and Margaret Barnes makes the tea. There have been a number of successes in County Competitions including both Men’s and Ladies’ Secretaries Cups in 2009. In the same year Margaret Stribley won the Patrons Cup. The ladies won the Rippon Cup in 2008.

In 2010 Marlene Prowse and Maxine Rickard joined Liz Bray in earning their County Badges.

FOUNDED: 1929  |  AFFILIATED: 1953
Founded in 1929 by the Stratton Traders Association who purchased a piece of land at Poundfield for £150. They then set about building a bowling green and tennis court. In 1973 they placed the club in the hands of local Trustees and the day to day running of the club is vested with the membership. The club applied for membership of the CCBA on 26th October 1953 and this was approved at the County AGM. The current clubhouse was built in 1989 and extended again in 2005 to include disabled facilities, bar and additional changing rooms.  In 1955 Stratton won the Constantine Cup.  The club has provided two County Presidents 1999 W A (Bill) Bennett and 2007 B M (Bruce) Peardon MVO.BEM

Torpoint Bowling Club was founded in 1924.  County records show that the club was affiliated to the County from 1925 to 1930, then from 1935 to 1936. It was re-affiliated in 1959 and this is still current. In 2005 the Club took on a 30 year lease with Caradon District Council. It became a registered charity in 2006.  A new extension was completed in March 2011. Grants for this were obtained from Viridor £20,000 SITA Cornwall Trust £ 15,000, CO-OP Community Fund £1,000.  This has enabled Short Mat Bowls and Skittles to be played.  A new kitchen was supplied free of charge by Howdens Joinery Ltd of Saltash.

FOUNDED: 1913  |  AFFILIATED: 1912
Truro was one of the four clubs that set up the County Association.  The Truro City B. C was formed in 1913 when the current green at Kenwyn was opened on 9th May. In 1925 tenders were invited to build a new pavilion. In 1928 Truro City won the Nicholl Cup for the first time. In 1937 admission of ladies to the club was refused for the lack of suitable accommodation. In 1939 the green was extended, the pavilion set back and the entrance widened. In 1943 Mr Jack Fillbrook became Honorary Secretary a post he held until 1984, surely the longest serving Secretary in Cornish Bowls. He also served as Division Secretary and on the County Selection Committee.  In 1965 he was elected as a Life Member of the County in recognition of his service to bowls. 1949 saw another extension of the pavilion. Finally in 1960 the ladies joined by forming their own club. Full integration was approved in August 1994. On 4th July 1992, the new pavilion, funded by members’ donations and loans was opened by R.P. Treneer, the CCBA President. In 2002 Tony Collins became County President and in 2010 Southern Division Chairman. The list of members bowling achievements at County and National level is so long that it cannot be contained in this space.

FOUNDED: 1983  |  AFFILIATED: 1985
Veryan & District Bowling Club was founded in 1983.  It was affiliated to the County Association in 1984.  It was built on land left to the Village for sports by Mr Tom Blarney of Broome Parc.  The Club House and bowling green were built by volunteers.  The fir trees giving shelter to the green were donated by Mr and Mrs Stuart Rawling. The green has six rinks said to be the best in the County.  The sun lounge gives excellent viewing facilities. There is also the added facility of the indoor bowling green for the winter.

FOUNDED: 1920  |  AFFILIATED: 1933
The Club was formed as part of Wadebridge Sports Club which incorporated tennis and cricket, and play commenced in 1922 on a green situated at the Railway end of the playing field. A mower, from Plymouth cost 3 guineas. The green however was not very satisfactory and soon afterwards a new green was constructed off Trevanson St. The Club remained at this green until a Cumberland turf green was provided by the Parish Council on the present site on Egloshayle Road.  Wadebridge is celebrating its 60th year at the present location and throughout this period the facilities have been continually updated culminating in the clubhouse extension opened in April 2011. A founder member of the original Sports Club (although then on the Tennis section) was Eddie Chapman.  Eddie, Roger Priestley’s grandfather, was County President in 1941 and again in the CCBA Golden Jubilee in 1962. County Secretary 1954-60, Eddie represented Cornwall for 23 years on the EBA Council and became a life member of the EBA in 1956. Jack Cock. Alan Gawler and Peter Lawrence have also been CCBA Presidents. Roy Dingle, a member in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s was an England International.  Brian Runnalls has been an International Trialist.

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