Ladies Selection

Bowls Cornwall Ladies v Bowls Cornwall Men on Monday 23rd July 2018 at Dunheved BC

P. Brunskill, C. Hore, J. Prynne, S. Coad
T. Wills, A. Perry, T. Tibbetts, J. Rees
M. Wilson, J. Gould, J. Hosking, M. Moore
K. Sturtridge, N. Rochelle, J. Noble, J. Prime
V. Battersby, C. Woodley, N. Ellis, R. Clegg
L. Williams, J. Lambourne, B. Rowe, J. Maunder

Travelling Reserves:  E. Ward, A. Wooldridge
Non travelling Reserves:  F. Goldthrop, M. McPherson

Bowls Cornwall v Worcestershire (SWCL) on Wednesday 18th July 2018 at Taunton Vivary Park

T. Wills, S. Beckett, P. Hill, J. Maunder
P. Channon, A. Trenerry, G. Instance, S. Coad
S. Major, M. Wilson, L. Stephens, R. Clegg
V. Battersby, A. Perry, A. Heyden, J. Prime
H. Pollard, M. Smith, J Noble, J. Hosking
A. Hibbert, J. Barrett, M. McPherson, F. Phillips

Travelling Reserves:  A. Crowle, E. Ward
Non Travelling Reserves: A Hovells, P. Williams

Bowls Cornwall Patrons – Team 1 on Friday 13th July 2018 at Camborne

L. Clayton, A. Ritson, D. Matthews, J. Maunder
S. Major, B. Benney, P. Williams, J. Prime
J. Morgan, A. Perry, J. Mankee, L. Bray
P. Brooks, M. Hocking, P. Hill, F. Phillips
A. Hovells, J. Stokes, M. McPherson, L. Sherman
D. Dunstan, S. Beckett, M. Walke J. Hosking


Bowls Cornwall Patrons – Team 2  on Friday 13th July  at Camborne BC

M. Wilson, V. Thorpe, L. Stephens, J. Rees
V. Battersby, H. Nice, E. Murrish, C. Ellery
A. Crowle, J. Dawes, B. Colston, F. Walther
L. Dodd, L. Storey, E. Ward, C. Hore
J. Hocking, G. Brewer, L. Maunder, S. Harris
M. Rollason, D. White, H. Borkett, N. May

Bowls Cornwall v Somerset (SWCL) on Wednesday 11th July 2018  at Kensey Vale BC

T. Wills, A. Perry, J. Hosking, N. Gilbert
S. Arthur, L. Sherman, P. Williams, S. Coad
K. Sturtridge, M. Smith, G. Instance, M. Moore
H. Pollard, S. Collings, O. Polglase, J. Maunder
M. Perkin, S. Roach, M. McPherson, J. Prime
L. Clayton, C. Johnstone, J. Noble, R. Clegg

Travelling Reserves:  S. Beckett, S. Parker
Non Travelling Reserves:  J. Horrell, C. Hore

Bowls Cornwall v Herefordshire (SWCL) on Wednesday 27th  June 2018 at Taunton Vivary Park

H. Pollard, J. Lean,, J. Prynne, J. Maunder
J. Dunstone, S. Collings, J. Jones, J. Prime
V. Battersby, J. Dyer, A. Heyden, S. Coad
S. Arthur,  C. Woodley, J. Gould, R. Clegg
M. Wilson, E. Murrish, J. Noble, J. Rees
M. Perkin, A. Perry, J. Hosking, N. Gilbert

Travelling Reserves:  A. Greaves, C. Johnstone
Non travelling Reserves:  S. Beckett, M. McPherson

Bowls Cornwall v Somerset (Friendly) on Tuesday 26th June 2018 at Yeovil

A. Crowle, A. Perry, A. Park, J. Maunder
A. Hibbert, C. Hore, B. Rowe, J. Prime
J. Lean, S. Collings, P. Hill, S. Coad
H. Pollard, S. Beckett, J. Chinn, B. Jones
L. Clayton, R. Redfern, T. Tibbetts, P. Williams
H. Bealey, L. Maunder, M. McPherson,  J. Hosking

Travelling Reserves:  A. Hovells, J. Rees
Non travelling Reserves:  A. Heyden, E. Murrish

Bowls Cornwall v Bowls Devon (SWCL) on Thursday 21st June 2018 at Culm Vale

H. Pollard, A. Perry, W. Greig, J. Maunder
L. Clayton, J. Lean, M. Walke, J. Prime
P. Channon, M. Jones, A. Park, S. Coad
L. Smith, C. Chatterton, M. McPherson, R. Clegg
Y. Rojano, S. Beckett, E. Ward, F. Phillips
S. Arthur, B. Benney, P. Williams, J. Hosking

Travelling Reserves:  L. Maunder, C. Hore
Non travelling Reserves:  J. Dyer, P. Roberts 

Bowls  Cornwall Ladies v Amy Rose Team at St. Austell on Friday 18th May 2018 

Tina Wills, Maureen Wilson, Meta Johnson, Jennie Maunder
Veronica Battersby, Pam Channon, Linda Martin, Shirley Coad

Reserves: Anne Perry, Helen Pollard

Bowls Cornwall Ladies v Wiltshire  (SWCL) on Tuesday 15th May 2018 at Tiverton West End

T. Wills, J. Gould, J. Jones, J. Maunder
H. Pollard, V. Pacey, O. Polglase, J. Rees
S. Beckett, A. Perry, M. McPherson, F. Turner
V Battersby,  M. Wilson, A. Heyden, N. May
S Arthur, S. Collings, M. Johnson, S Coad
J. Dunstan, G. Moore, J. Hosking, J. Prime

Travelling Reserves:  J. Lean, N. Gilbert
Non Travelling Reserves:  A. Hovells, R. Clegg

Bowls Cornwall v Bowls Devon (Friendly) on Monday 14th May 2018  at Saltash.

P. Channon, J. Lambden, S. Parker, R. Clegg
J. Lambourne, J. Chinn, L. Stephens, F. Phillips
P. Brunskill, D. Dunstan, M. McPherson, S. Coad
M. Perkin, A. Perry, S. Ashton, J. Maunder
R. Radmore, H. Robinson, A. Park, J. Prime
A. Greaves, E. Murrish, T. Tibbetts, N. Gilbert

Travelling Reserves:   V.  Pacey, J. Rees
Non Travelling Reserves:  M Wilson, J. Hosking



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