Ladies Selection

Bowls Cornwall v Dorset (SWCL) at Culm Vale on Wednesday 24th August 2016

A. Trenerry, A Perry, M. Chapman, R. Clegg
G. Moore, T. Tibbetts, P. Williams, L. Bray
M. Prowse, M. Perkin, M. Johnson, J. Prime
J. Dunstone, M. Wilson, C. Hore, S. Coad
M. Eagle, V. Pacey,  M. McPherson, J . Maunder
A. Head, J. Noble, S. Beale, F. Turner

Res.: P. Brooks, S. Parker

Bowls Cornwall Ladies v Men at Falmouth on Monday 25th July 2016

K Sturtridge, L Sherman, M McPherson, F Phillips
S Beckett, L Stephens, M Chapman, N Gilbert
A Hovells, S Harris, C Hore, S Coad
L Storey, H Nice, F Walther, J Hosking
L Read, C Ellery, M Moore, J Prime
S. Collings, A Perry, R Sweet, L Bray

Reserves: J Moyse, S Parker

Bowls Cornwall v Helston (50th Anniversary) at Helston on Saturday 23rd July 2016

A Trenerry, A Perry, B Rowe, M Chapman
L Storey, A Light, J Mankee, S Parker
A Head, H Nice, P Widger, S Coad
T Wills, E Ward, M McPherson, J Hosking
H Pollard, E Murrish, F Walther, J Prime
M Edgecumbe, S Roach, C Hore, N May

Reserves: S Harris, L Sherman

Bowls Cornwall v Worcestrershire (SWL) at Wellington on Monday 18th July 2016

T Wills, D White, M McPherson, N Gilbert
D Dunstan, S Harris, J Marchant, F Turner
K Sturtridge, A Perry, C Hore, J Prime
V Battersby, S Roach, J Hosking, L Bray
C Woodley, P Arnold, M Moore, S Coad
M Wilson, J Moyse, L Stephens, R Clegg

Reserves:  J Dyer, E Ward

Bowls Cornwall v Somerset (SWL) at Saltash on Wednesday 13th July 2016

V Battersby, A Perry, R Sweet, J Rees
S Major, M Walke, J Barrett, J Maunder
L Smith, A Heyden, P Williams, J Prime
S Ashton, J Noble, M McPherson, R Clegg
L Clayton, P Roberts, M Johnson, S Coad
S Beckett, H robinson, S Parker, C Johnstone

Reserves:  M Wilson, M Chapman

Bowls Cornwall v Herefordshire (SWL) at Taunton Vivary Park on Wednesday 29th June 2016

A Trenerry, E Summers, P Arnold, J Maunder
T Wills, E Ward, M Chapman, F Turner
M Eagle, A Heyden, J Hosking, S Coad
R Newbury, A Light, W Greig, F Phillips
M Perkin, J Noble, J Jones, J Prime
V Batttersby, P Roberts, B Rowe, L Bray

Reserves:  S Collings, J Marchant

Bowls Cornwall v Somerset (Friendly) at Ilminster on Tuesday 28th June 2016

M Oram, J Gould, J Hosking, J Rees
C Woodley, H Robinson, M Chapman, J Prime
D Dunstan, A. Perry, L Stephens, S. Coad
L Clayton, M Wilson, C Hore, F Phillips
M Prowse, F Goldthrop, M McPherson, P Williams
S Major, P Hill, S Parker, L Bray

Reserves: V Battersby, E Summers

Bowls Cornwall v Devon (SWL) at Sir Francis Drake on Thursday 23rd June 2016

S Smith, M Rogers, M Chapman, M Johnson
A Head, S Collings, P Arnold, L Bray
T Wills, R Redfern, L Martin, J Maunder
A Stone, J Marchant, C Ellery, F Turner
S Arthur, A Greaves, C Hore, S Coad
R Newbury, L Sherman, J Jones, J Prime

Reserves: M Oram, J Noble

Bowls Cornwall Patrons Groups 3 and 2 v Groups 1 and 4 at Bodmin on Tuesday 14th June 2016

Groups 3 and 2 Team

S Smith, A Austin, P Masefield, S Coad
V Battersby, S Wilcocks, J Scott, C Ellery
M Wilson, S Ashton, M Chapman, C Hore
J Lambourne, J Gould, L Stephens, T Tibbetts
A Crowle, B Colston, E Summers, S Parker
A Head, E Ward, B Nicholas, P Arnold

Reserves: V Farley, D White, J Moyse

Group 1 and 4 Team

M Rollason, E Murrish, M Rogers, F Phiilips
M Smith, A Trenerry, F Walther, G Thomas
S Major, D Dunstan, A Heyden, E Bray
S Beckett, L Clayton, M Walke, J Prime
A Hovells, R Tresidder, M McPherson, J Hosking
P Channon, J Mankee, L Sherman, P Williams

Reserves: L Storey, P Hill, P Roberts, A Ritson

Bowls Cornwall v Bowls Devon at Kensey Vale on Monday 9th May 2016
J Horrell, J Lean, V Pacey, J Prime
J Dunstone, D Addis, J Barrett, L Bray
T Hill, E Murrish, M McPherson, S Coad
J Lambourne, S Robson, P Roberts, R Clegg
A Hovells, E Summer, L Stephens, N Gilbert
S Beckett, A Ritson, O Polglase, M Chapman

Reserves:  J Dyer, A Wooldridge

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