Men’s Competition Results 2018

Two Wood Singles Quarter Finals at  Chacewater Bowling Club on Sunday 22nd July 2018

K Williams, Porthleven v
D. Drew, St. Austell
G. Coggan, Callington v
C. Binny, Chacewater
J. Thomas, Penlee v
M. Chapman, St. Austell
I Bellamy, Looe v
A. Brooks, Carnon Downs

Four Wood Singles Quarter Finals at Chacewater Bowling Club on Sunday 22nd July 2018

T. Pollard, Camborne v
N. Coad, Stenalees
S. Jones, Stratton v
D. Roe, Carnon Downs
P. White, Penlee v
M.  Read, Stenalees
O. Bennett, Lostwithiel v
J. Darling, Falmouth

Pairs Quarter-Finals at Porthleven  Bowling Club on Saturday  21st July 2018

*W. Reseigh & P. White, Penlee v
*P. Sturtridge & M. Read, Stenalees
R. Priestley & R. Jones, Wadebridge v
C. Allen & D. Roe, Carnon Downs
J. Beckett & F. Plummer, St. Ives v
D. Drew & A. Hawke, St. Austell
R. Sowden & F. Purse, Bodmin v
C. Instance & G. Mitchell Chacewater

* This match will be played on Friday 20th July 2018 at Porthleven BC at 6.00 p.m.

Fours Quarter-Finals at WADEBRIDGE BC* on Sunday 15th July 2018

M. Hughes, S. Greet, M. Widger, K. Symons, Porthleven v
T. Bateson, S. Rowse, S. Rowse, N. Stephens, Stenalees
R.  Priestley, J. Gibbs, D. Swaby, R.  Jones, Wadebridge v
T. Phillips Team or P. Downs team
M. Dyer, R. Jeffery, J. Thomas, P. White, Penlee v
C. Roe, L. Thomas, N. Coad, I. Ball, Stenalees
B. Dyer, A. Crichton, N . Trewin, P. Gilbert, Kensey Vale v
G. Fisher’s team or D. Roe’s team

*Please note change of venue.

Triples Quarter-Finals at St. Austell BC on Saturday 14th July 2018
P. George, J. Rushton, & T. Wilkes, Porthmeor v
M. Sturtridge, P. Sturtridge & I. Ball, Stenalees
P, Bennett, R. Clark & O. Bennett, Lostwithiel v
P. Bearham, M. Tippett & C. Binny, Chacewater
F. Williams, A. Williams & K Williams, Porthleven v
C S Rowse, S W Rowse & N. Stephens, Stenalees
B. Dyer, N. Trewin & P. Gilbert, Kensey Vale v
M. Eddy, D. Mudge & D. Roe, Carnon Downs

Junior Singles on Saturday 30th June 2018 at Mylor Bridge

Preliminary Round
J Sanders 21 v K. Sargent 12
S. Carr 21 v A. Helleur 8
A. Williams 21 v M. Wherry 18
F. Hawkey 21 v J. Bickle  10
A. Rickard 16 v H. Tinker 21

First Round
J Sanders 13 v S. Carr 21
A. Williams 21 v F. Hawkey 15
H. Tinker 21 v G. Tinker 12
D. Sturtridge 21 v R. Drew 13

Semi Finals
S. Carr 21 v A. Williams 17
H. Tinker 12 v D. Sturtridge 21

Representing Cornwall at Leamington are:

S Carr, Chacewater
D. Sturtridge, St. Austell


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