Mens 2017 Results

Bowls Cornwall Men v Wiltshire on Monday 26th June at Culm Vale BC

B Dunn, J Reynolds, A Addis, D Swaby 22 – S Rose 14
A Warnes, D Cook, C Eagle, M Richards 22 – A Small 22
C Smith, D Travers, R Rowe, N Laity  32 – A McClean 9
N Major, C Gardiner, I Perry, D Hickey 26 – B Collier 14
E Symons, I Barber, M Tout, P Prynne 29 – S Mitchem 22
G Irons, C Vickery, T Reid, B Jenkins 28 – J Cruder 11

Bowls Cornwall 159 – Wiltshire 92
Bowls Cornwall won by 67 shots

Bowls Cornwall Men v Group 1 Men on Friday 16th June at Penlee BC

D Payne, J Hickman, Vic, F Purse 13 – B Jenkins 22
J Keers, D Cook,C Eagle, M Richards 23 – M Rodda 13
P McMullan, P Dunstone, D Pascoe, R Rowe  25 – D Murrish 9
J Bishop, G Irons, R Burden, P Prynne 16 – J Dollery 23
C Herman, M Fuller, T Reid, J Darling 14 – I Perry 20

Bowls Cornwall 91 – Group 1  87
Bowls Cornwall won by 4 shots

Bowls Cornwall Men v P & D League on Wednesday 14th June at Porthleven BC

N Major, A O’Callahan, C Gardiner, C Vickery 20 – R Bares 22
P Moyle, P Marshall, M Rogers, M Richards 18  –  R Chaffe 22
C Smith, J Keers, D Prime, N Laity 14 – R Vants 21
E Stevens, E Symons, B Jenkins, J Dollery 17 – M Griffen 14
M Fuller, D May, D Travers, D Hickey 21 – P Bell 22
C Harris, I Perry, T Reid, P Prynne 27 – B Cudlip 18

Bowls  Cornwall 117 – P & D 119
Bowls Cornwall lost by 2 shots

Bowls Cornwall Men v CCPPBA on Monday 12th June at Porthleven BC

J Keers, J Hickman, T Reid, J Dollery 13 v A Read 19
P Moyle, D Cook, M Rogers, T White 26 v C Vickery 11
E Symons, D Rowe, P Dunstone, R Rowe 20 v B James 23
J Bishop, C Harris, D Murrish, I Perry 24 v C Eagle 20
E Stevens, G Irons, T Nice, B Jenkins 13 v N Laity 18

Bowls Cornwall 96  –  CCPPBA 91
Bowls Cornwall won by 5 shots

Bowls Cornwall Men v Group 4 Men on Friday 9th June at Truro City BC

D Payne, J Harding, P Elliott, J Ashton 32 – T Watson 17
N Major, J Hickman, T White, M Richards  23 –  G Perry 13
E Stevens, E Symons, B Jenkins, J Dollery 19 – J Darling 16
D May, C Harris, I Perry, P Prynne  15 – J McBride 20
C Herman, B Ilson, T Reid, D Murrish 7 – R Rowe 35

Bowls Cornwall 96 – Group 4 101
Bowls Cornwall lost by 5 shots

Bowls Cornwall Men v Devon on Friday 19th May at Porthleven BC

T Sinclair, E Symons, I Perry, J Dollery 37 – 9 K. King
I Bellamy, J Gibbs, R Priestley, F Purse 37 – 8 D. Harris
T Gillingham, D Hibbert, M Jennings, M Richards 26 – 13 R Stringer
M Fuller, D Rowe, R Rowe, D. Pascoe 18 – 21 R Workman
J Darling, D Hocking, M McPherson, P Prynne 21 – 19 C Healy
M Tout, J Nathan, T Reid, B Jenkins 11 – 28 D Barber

Bowls Cornwall 150 – 98 Devon
Bowls Cornwall won by 52 shots

Bowls Cornwall Men v Bowls Cornwall Ladies (Johns) at St. Austell on Friday 12th May 2017

C Smith, D Prime,T Reid, P Prynne
J Maunder, P Dunstone, J Darling, R Rowe
E Stevens, M McPherson, I Perry, J Dollery
A Butler, C Gardiner, C Vickery, K Corris
D May, G Irons, M Richards, M Jennings
K Taylor, P Heayns, A Barron, P King

Game abandoned due to bad weather.

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