1000 Club 2015

The winners of the first draw which took place on 21st June 2015 were:

M. Moynihan, Wadebridge                                                       £25
D White, St. Columb                                                                      £10
P Roberts, Chacewater                                                                £10
B Parsons, St. Stephen                                                                  £5
M Johnson, Probus                                                                         £5

The winners of the second draw which took place on 28th June 2015 were:

S Major, Helston                                                                              £25
T Wakeham, Stenalees                                                                £10
G Moore, Probus                                                                             £10
T Wakeham, Stenalees                                                                 £5
M Wilson, St. Austell                                                                      £5

The winners of the third draw which took place on 22nd July 2015 were:

M Moore, St. Austell                                                                     £25
P Trethewey, Probus                                                                    £10
P Robinson, Saltash                                                                       £10
R Hill, Saltash                                                                                    £5
A Quick, Saltash                                                                              £5

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