Mixed Selection

Bowls Cornwall (Mixed) v Group 4 at Chacewater on Friday 24th May 2024
J Knibb, S Moyle, P Bourne, J Prynne
J Morgan, D Murrish, M Cassidy, P Prynne
E Stevens, P Annear, B Jenkins, F Turner
J Trestrail, E Murrish, M Kellow, J Ashton
T Kellow, B Benney, N Brazier, S Coad
S Ashton, S Beckett, M Peate, M Jennings

Bowls Cornwall Patrons v Bowls Devon Patrons at Kensey Vale on Wednesday 22nd May 2024
S Walker, J Rowley, P Hill, P Prynne
A Hibbert, D Sanders, M Peate, B Walsh
D Walsh, E Murrish. Neil Brazier, J Ashton
S Hockaday, M Rogers, S Atkins, M Day
C Dudley, D Murrish, Nicky Brazier, J Prynne
J Dyer, S Ashton, J Knibb, M Jennings

Bowls Cornwall (Mixed) v Mylor Bridge at Mylor Bridge Bowling Club on Friday 3rd May 2024
L Clayton, D Haley, P McCarthy, P Prynne
J Cunnick, Nicky Brazier, K Shone, M Billing
D Walsh, G Hockaday, E Murrish, M McCarthy
S Hockaday, Marion Rogers, Neil Brazier, S Coad
J Wear, S Brownley, D Murrish, J Maunder
I Newman, L Weeks, R Robinson, L Bray

Reserves: S Ashton, S Beckett, P Hill, M Kellow, D Matthews,
M Peate, L Rowe, M Walke

Bowls Cornwall Presidential Team (Mixed) v Group 3 at Heavy Transport Bowling Club on Tuesday 23rd April 2024
S Ashton, J Knibb, Marion Rogers, M Jennings
B Benney, D Murrish, L Rayne, P Prynne
P Channon, A Addis, D Matthews, P White
J Ashton, E Murrish, D Parr, J Prime
J Prynne, R Redfern, N Laity, J Maunder
L McCarthy, Nicky Brazier, D Prime, P Williams

Bowls Cornwall Presidential Team (Mixed) v Group 1 at Penlee Bowling Club on Wednesday 24th April 2024
N Brazier, C Smith, C Dudley, M Jennings
L Clayton, D Butler, V Reilly, M Tout
P McCarthy, D Murrish, P Hill, R Rowe
G Hope, E Murrish, J Ashton, L Bray
Neil Brazier, P Brunskill, M McCarthy, S Coad
J Knibb, S Ashton, P Bourne, J Hosking

Reserves: A Maunder, J Maunder

Bowls Cornwall Presidential Team (Mixed) v Group 4 at Mawnan Bowling Club on Tuesday 23rd April 2024
S Beckett, D Murrish, J Prime, M Jennings
S Major, M Williams, E Murrish, P Prynne
L Bonehill, D Hunter, L Rayne, M Tout
E Stevens, A Heyden, B Jenkins, S Coad
G Riggs, C Moore, V Benney, J Noble
T Jackson, B Benney, J Knibb, R Sweet

Bowls Cornwall Presidential Team (Mixed) v Group 2 at Stratton Bowling Club on Monday 22nd April 2024
D Walsh, D Butler, M Rogers, P Prynne
J Cunnick, B Walsh, M Kellow, M Jennings
S Atkins, D Murrish, P Hill, M Tout
R Atkins, E Murrish, J Knibb, E Bray
L Clayton, A Maunder, D Parr, R Sweet
S Groves, L Weeks, S Coad, J Maunder

Bowls Cornwall Mixed v St. Ives (Mixed) at St. Ives Bowling Club on Thursday 18th April 2024.
L Clayton, P Rendle, J Prime, P Prynne
M Smith, E Murrish, S Coad, M Tout
B Benney, A Addis, J Prynne, M Jennings
A Maunder, M Kellow, D Prime, J Maunder
C Smith, J Dyer, J Knibb, E Bray

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