Mixed Selection

Bowls Cornwall  v St. Austell  (Mixed) on Tuesday 10th July 2018 at St. Austell Bowls Club

S. Beckett, M. Rogers, J. Prime, P. Prynne
A. Maunder, A. Perry, R. Rowe, R. Clegg
G. Moore, A. Butler, M. Johnson, M. Richards
D. May, C. Hore, J. Ashton, J. Maunder
H. Pollard, M. Fuller, J. Prynne, M. Tout
G. Irons, S. Parker, T. Reid, S. Coad

Bowls Cornwall v Group 1 (Mixed) on Wednesday 20th June, 2018 at Helston Bowls Club 

L. Clayton, J. Nathan, F. Walther, P. Prynne
M. Carpenter, E. Ward, D. Prime, P. Williams
A. Hibbert, R. Burden, M. Walke, M. Richards
A. Maunder, C. Hore, M. Rogers, J Prime
L. Storey, M. Fuller, J. Prynne, M. Jennings
D. Worden, A. Greaves, T. Reid, J. Maunder

Bowls Cornwall v Devon (Mixed) on Monday 18th June 2018 at Stratton Bowls Club 

V. Beare, R. Burden, S. Parker, P. Prynne
E. Stevens, J. Scott, R. Rowe, J. Maunder
H. Pollard, Mike McPHerson, C. Ellery, M. Jennings
D. Worden, C. Hore, E. Symons, S. Coad
A. Trenerry, J. Hickman, Mariota McPherson, D. Swaby
A. Maunder, S Frost, T. Reid, N. Gilbert

Bowls Cornwall v Dunheved (mixed) on Thursday 26th April at Dunheved BC

P. Arnold, John Harding, Mariota McPherson, M. Jennings
C. Herman, A. Ritson, M. Tout, E. Bray
S Major, T Collins, N. May, P. Prynne
D Parr,  A. Perry, T. Reid, S. Coad
P.  Brunskill, Mike McPherson, S. Parker, J. Dollery
G Irons, C.  Hore, M. Richards, J. Prime

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