Mixed Selection

Bowls Cornwall v Group 2 (Mixed) on Wednesday 21st July at Torpoint BC

M Smith, M Rogers, J Prime, P Prynne
G Riggs, H Stanley, T Reid, J Maunder
K Henderson, M Barber, Mariota McPherson, N Laity
D May, A Perry, C Hore, D Prime
M Kellow, M Curnow, L Stephens, R Rowe
C Smith, Y Toms, D Murrish, E Bray

Bowls Cornwall v Group 1 (Mixed) on Wednesday 21st June at St. Ives BC

H Pollard, G Irons, J Barrett, M Tout
D Brown, A Perry, T Reid, J Prime
P Brunskill, J Hickman, P Williams, M Richards
D Worden, E Summers, P Marshall, J Maunder
S Collings, M Curnow, C Hore, P Prynne
M Carpenter, E Ward, R Burden, J Hosking

Bowls Cornwall v Devon (Mixed) on Monday 19th June at Hatherleigh BC

M Smith, M Wilkins, S Parker M Richards
D Worden, C Hore, T Reid, S Coad
D Dunstan, R Burden, Mariota McPherson, P Prynne
D Craske, J Prynne, D Prime, J Prime
L Clayton, Mike McPherson, J Hosking, J Dollery
A Maunder, A Perry, D Hickey, J Maunder

Bowls Cornwall v Porthleven (mixed) on Thursday 27th April at Porthleven BC

P. Brunskill, R Rowe, M Chapman, J Dollery
A Butler, A Perry, T Reid, J Maunder
N May, D Parr, J Prime, P Prynne
C Herman, C Hore, M Richards, L Bray
S Major, T Collins, M McPherson, M Jennings
G Irons, A Ritson, D Prime, S Coad

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