Mens 2022 Results

Bowls Cornwall v P & D League at St. Ives on Wednesday 15th June 2022

D Brown, A Addis, I Whale, D Parr 21 v 15 D Swindell
J Pearce, D Swaby, J Baxter, M Tout 13 v 18 P Bell
N Brazier, D Cook, B Goudge, M. Jennings 12 v 17 R Vant
E Stevens, B Jenkins, C Harris, M. McCarthy 20 v 22 B Cudlip
M McPherson, P Bourne, M Curnow, R. Rowe 18 v 28 S Lynch
A Parker, C Smith, D Butler, N Laity 12 v 17 E Barton

Bowls Cornwall 96 – 117 P & D League
Bowls Cornwall lost by 21 shots

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