Ladies Selection

Bowls Cornwall Ladies v Somerset (SW League) on Wednesday 13th July 2022 at Liskeard Bowling Club
A Hibbert, J Humm, J. Barrett, F Phillips
L Clayton, M Smith, P Hill, S Coad
H Pollard, C Dudley, G Instance, J Maunder
M Wilson, S Beckett, E Murrish, L Bray
M Jones, A Perry, R Sweet, M Rogers
C Moore, J Moyse, L Stephens, F Goldthorp

Reserves: B Benney, P Williams

Bowls Cornwall Ladies v Herefordshire (SW League) on Wednesday 29th June 2022 at Vivary Park
H Pollard, M Smith, E Murrish, F Phillips
J Cunnick, B Benney, P Williams, S Coad
P Brunskill, L Clayton, R Clegg, J Hosking
C Chatterton, A Heyden, F Goldthorp, J Prime
M Jones, L Amos, J Barrett, J Maunder
J Moyse, M Walke, J Noble, E Bray

Reserves: R Redfern, C Dudley

Bowls Cornwall Ladies v Devon (SW League) on Thursday 23rd June 2022 at Hatherleigh
M Jones, J Moyse, M Walke, R Clegg
A Billing, R Redfern, J Noble, S Coad
C Chatterton, S Beckett, E Murrish, J Hosking
L Bonehill, C Moore, R Sweet, J Maunder
H Pollard, S Ashton, L Amos, E Bray
L Clayton, A Hibbert, C Dudley, P Williams

Bowls Cornwall Ladies v Worcestershire (SW League) on Wednesday 15th June 2022 at Taunton Deane
H Pollard, P Hill, F Phillips, S Coad
M Oram, A Perry, E Murrish, E Bray
S Ashton, B Benney, R Sweet, R Clegg
J Cunnick, A Heyden, F Goldthorp, J Prime
C Moore, R Redfern, J Barrett, J Maunder
M Jones, S Beckett, J Noble, J Hosking

Reserves: L. Stephens, J Moyse

Bowls Cornwall Ladies v Wiltshire (SW League) on Tuesday 17th May 2022 at Tiverton West End
M Smith, M. Cassidy, R. Sweet, S. Coad
C Moore, N. May, L. Sherman, J Prime
J. Cunnick, L. Stephens, J. Noble, J. Maunder
J. Moyse, B. Benney, G. Instance, J. Hosking
S. Hill, S. Beckett, E. Ward, R. Clegg
S. Ashton, R. Redfern, F. Goldthorp, F. Phillips

Reserves: A Hibbert, J. Barrett

Bowls Cornwall v Devon (Friendly) on Monday 16th May 2022 at Kensey Vale
P Channon, M. Greet, F. Goldthorp, S. Coad
H. Pollard, J. Gillingham, L. Stephens, N. Gilbert
S. Major, S. Ashton, B. Colston, J. Maunder
L. Clayton, A. Topham, A. Heyden, E. Bray
L. Ball, R. Redfern, M. Rogers, F. Turner
J. Dyer, J. Humm, P. Williams, J. Hosking

Reserves: M. Perkin, M. Walke

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