I have taken on the role of County Coaching Co-ordinator, so who am I?

My name is Mervyn Batten and I bowl for Bodmin Bowls Club. I have been bowling since 1975 both indoor and outdoor and have played at various clubs throughout the country. During my working life I needed to move a number of times, hence the need to join various bowls clubs. I am currently an EBCS Level 3 Senior Coach and I am going to train as a Coach Bowls Coach and Tutor. My contact details are: –
Telephone 01579 362668

There is a need for Cornwall to embrace the BDA/Coach Bowls qualifications. The aim of Coach Bowls is to standardise training throughout England so that no matter where you are the training is the same. I am currently organising a Coach Bowls level 1 course in Cornwall, so if any club has a person or persons who are interested in becoming a coach, please call me and I will give details of the course and the associated costs. Most of the packages that are available for clubs are available through the BDA, hence the need for clubs to have BDA qualified or registered coaches in order for clubs to be able to apply for various packages. I am hoping to also arrange a Level 2 Coach Bowls course later in the year.

The EBCS coaching qualifications are still available and if required courses can be arranged.

I have been asked a number of times “can I still coach if I am an EBCS registered coach?” Yes of course you can.

Skills/training are full days or half days where by arrangement coaches will appear at a club and give training on the skills of Bowls. The training is geared to what the club requests and covers New Beginners through to players who have been bowling for many years, but need to brush up on their techniques.

I would like to advocate that instead of contemplating a full or half day for training, why not put on a 2-hour training session targeted at a particular aspect of bowls, i.e.: delivery analysis; weight control; defensive shots; etc.

Do not forget training on Etiquette/marking and measuring, unfortunately I have seen some very bad examples of all these aspects of the game. The area that Club members complain of the most is Etiquette, so why not use Coaches/Umpires to give a training session of these aspects of the game and make Cornwall a place recognised for its professionalism in the game of Bowls?

All clubs need to gain new members so why not have an Open day to try and encourage people to come and try the game; use the available coaches to help.

Use the practices that other clubs have employed to help your club gain new members.

Many clubs have embraced the Schools Games programme and this year more schools are taking part. I would like to see more schools take part and would advocate that individual clubs approach those schools who currently do not take part and see if you can drum up support. In Bodmin we have gained adult members who have come along to collect their children; do not let parents or teachers sit and watch; get them on the green?

There is a lot happening in the area of Coaching and I think it is an exciting time; let us not let Cornwall fall behind in these changes. Embrace these changes and bring Bowls more to the fore in Cornwall. We are here to help.

Kind regards

Mervyn Batten
County Coaching Co-ordinator




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